PhD Dissertations (Rice University)

  1. Mackale Joyner, 2008, Array Optimizations for High Productivity Programming Languages.
  2. Rajkishore Barik, 2009, Efficient Optimization of Memory Accesses in Parallel Programs.
  3. Yi Guo, 2010, A Scalable Locality-aware Adaptive Work-stealing Scheduler for Multi-core Task Parallelism.
  4. Raghavan Raman, 2012, Dynamic Data Race Detection for Structured Parallelism.
  5. Sanjay Chatterjee, 2013, Runtime Systems for Extreme Scale Platforms.
  6. Kamal Sharma, 2014, Locality Transformations of Computation and Data for Portable Performance.
  7. Shams Imam, 2015, Cooperative Execution of Parallel Tasks with Synchronization Constraints.
  8. Deepak Majeti, 2015, Portable Programming Models for Heterogeneous Platforms.
  9. Alina Sbirlea, 2015, High-level execution models for multicore architectures.
  10. Dragos Sbirlea, 2015, Memory and Communication Optimizations for Macro-dataflow Programs
  11. Sagnak Tasirlar, 2015, Optimized Event-Driven Runtime Systems for Programmability and Performance.
  12. Max Grossman, 2017, Productive Programming Systems for Heterogeneous Supercomputers.
  13. Rishi Surendran, 2017, Debugging, Repair, and Synthesis of Task-Parallel Programs.
  14. Nick Vrvilo, 2017, Enhanced Data and Task Abstractions for Extreme-scale Runtime Systems.
  15. Kumud Bhandari, 2018, General-purpose Programming Techniques for Emerging Systems with Non-volatile Byte-addressable Random Access Memory.
  16. Sri Raj Paul, 2018, Mapping High Level Parallel Programming Models to Asynchronous Many-Task (AMT) Runtimes.

PhD Dissertations (Georgia Tech)

  1. Ankush Mandal, 2020, Enabling Parallelism and Optimizations in Data Mining Algorithms for Power-law Data.
  2. Prasanth Chatarasi, 2020, Advancing Compiler Optimizations for General-Purpose and Domain-Specific Parallel Architectures.
  3. Seonmyeong Bak, 2020, Runtime Approaches to Improve the Efficiency of Hybrid and Irregular Applications.
  4. Caleb Voss, 2020, Addressing Logical Deadlocks through Task-Parallel Language Design.
  5. Prithayan Barua, 2021, Compiler analysis and optimization of memory management In modern processors.
  6. Sana Damani, 2022, Optimized Scheduling and Resource Allocation for Thread Parallel Architectures.